AOI Mental Health Professional

Job Title:

Mental Health Professional

Reports to/Supervised by:

Program Director or Community Support Director (collectively referred to as ?Program Director? in this document)

Job Profile:

The Mental Health Professional (MHP) is responsible for providing recovery-based psychiatric services and case management to consumers with mental illness within a nursing home-based or supervised residential setting.

FLSA Classification:


Duties and Responsibilities:

1. The MHP assesses consumers? levels of risks, strengths, and weaknesses.
2. The MHP interviews consumers, reviews records, and confers with other professionals to evaluate consumers? psychiatric conditions and needs.
3. The MHP provides services according to consumers? Individual Treatment Plans and ensures that all services provided are documented accurately and on time.
4. The MHP consistently meets established productivity standards.
5. The MHP involves family members and guardians in supporting, understanding, and communicating with consumers.
6. The MHP encourages consumer participation in the recovery process.
7. The MHP is actively involved in treatment plan development and implementation.
8. The MHP encourages and ensures consumer medication adherence.
9. The MHP works closely with referral sources and other professionals to maximize consumers? recovery progress.
10. The MHP notifies the Program Director of changes in consumers? conditions.
11. Under the direction of a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP), the MHP provides crisis intervention services.
12. The MHP assists the Program Director in providing support, training, and guidance to Rehabilitative Services Associates (RSAs) and Residential Mental Health Professionals (RMHPs) in order to ensure program coordination and the successful delivery of services.

Skills, Competencies, and Specifications:

1. Services are provided in accordance with Adapt?s mission, philosophy and service principles, and professional code of ethics.
2. Adapt?s services promote the development of a natural support system and increased community living skills as prescribed on consumers? Individual Treatment Plans.
3. The MHP must demonstrate competency in the following skills and competency areas:
a. Job Knowledge
b. Documentation
c. Clinical Skills
d. Professionalism
4. The MHP functions as a member of the treatment team.
5. The MHP understands the importance of building positive, therapeutic relationships with consumers in order to create an environment of trust and hope.
6. Hours of employment vary depending on the needs of the program and may include evenings and weekends.
7. The MHP is capable of performing physical activities as needed, which may include stooping, climbing stairs, and lifting or moving 50 pounds.
8. Exposure to hazardous materials, e.g., sharps, blood and body fluids, or cigarette smoke, is a possibility. The MHP must demonstrate competency in handling and disposing of hazardous materials.
9. The MHP is expected to perform listed and other duties as assigned.

Education and Qualifications:

The MHP must have earned a Bachelor?s degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling or a related Human Services field and may be required to possess and maintain a valid driver?s license.

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